A Quality, Inexpensive Shakeology Substitute

 Last Updated: July 27th 2016

By Brad Kopec… Shakeology is a great supplement, but its expensive.  When my Beachbody coach told me to try Shakeology and sign up for the automatic renewal each month I was excited, but skeptical.  I appreciated the supplement recommendation, but did he really think I was going to sign up for a protein powder that costs $130 on a monthly basis!?  I was pissed off and felt like he was just trying to push an expensive product on a new sucker.

Sound familiar?


Like me, you’ve probably been pressured to buy Shakeology, encouraged by its potential, but turned off by its price.  Sure, if you become a coach you’ll receive a 25% discount, but that only amounts to a savings of $32 off Shakeology which equals a price of $98.  But before you get excited, keep in mind that in order to receive that discount, you have to become a Beachbody coach at a cost of $15 each month. So in reality you’re only saving $17 a month off the retail price.  Not a huge incentive.


So with such a steep price, is there a possible Shakeology substitute? Can you still get all the nutrients, natural ingredients, and protein in a different meal replacement, protein shake or diet supplement?

You can.  Its just a matter of looking in the right place.  Fortunately there are many organic and natural options available at a reasonable price.  Unfortunately, there are also some bad choices available.  Here’s what to look for when looking for the right supplement…

The Bad

There are a ton of protein powders, meal replacements and other supplements available at good prices.  However, the majority of the stuff you’ll find in GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, or Amazon are loaded with crappy chemicals.  This is the stuff that separates Shakeology from the bad, and what you need to be aware of if your looking for a good cheap substitute.

For example, ingredients like Acesulfame, Xantham Gum (really? do you really want to put something called Xantham Gum in your system?),  Dicalcium phosphate,  Silicon Dioxide, and many others make up typical ingredients on most supplements you’ll find on the shelves like those shown in this picture…


The Good

You’ll hear and read me say it over and over.  The thing that separates Shakeology from other supplements is its natural ingredients.  This leads to better absorption of nutrients, more nutrients, less stomach discomfort, more energy, and the more likely you’ll keep using it.

So what else is out there that can give you similar results but half the price?

Its actually a lot easier to find than you might think.  Vegan protein powders.

My ex-wife was a hardcore vegan so I learned a lot about vegetarians and vegans.  For the most part, vegetarians don’t eat meat but still dairy.  Vegans stay away from meat, dairy, and most if not all animal products.  If it came from an animal a vegan won’t eat it.  Furthermore, a vegan lifestyle is  very holistic and organic,.  You won’t find artificial chemicals and processed foods in their diet.  

Since vegans don’t eat any animal products, its difficult for them to get a quality source of protein.  There are a couple vegan “foodstuffs” like soy,  seitan, and tempeh, but aside from these its almost impossible for them to get protein without eating a crap-ton of beans.  Therefore, quality, nutrient dense and chemical free vegan protein powders are a great and convienent source of protein for vegans and those looking for a cheap alternative to Shakeology.

Here are some of the best vegan protein powders and great alternatives to Shakeology…

Click On The Images For More Information

The best part of these protein powders is that they sell for $27 and $25!  Now that’s a Shakeology substitute you can afford on a monthly basis.

But, if you’re convinced that Shakeology is for you and you  like what you have read and want to buy shakeology, here is a good place to start.

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