Shakeology Cleanse   Lose Up To 8 Lbs. Or More In Just 3 Days, And Feel Good

Last Updated: December 14, 2016

Have you ever wanted to lose a small amount of weight in a short period of time?

Of course you have! We all have.  Its tempting to run for a quick detox diet like the master cleanse diet, or anyone else remember the cabbage soup diet?

We all either have tried, or know someone who’s tried these stupid diets.  Annnd how have they worked out?


Chances are you tried the diet for a few days, felt like crap and gave up.  You might’ve lost a few pounds, but felt so terrible it wasn’t worth the weight loss to feel so bad.

The reason you felt so bad is because most of these extreme diets or diet drinks leave you both calorie and nutrient deficient.  Here’s the schedule for one of the most popular detox diets, the master cleanse diet:

  • Drink 6 to 12 glasses daily of a maple syrup/lemon juice/water/cayenne pepper lemonade mixture
  • Take laxatives (no joke)
  • Slowly eat fruits and vegetables towards the end of the 10 day diet
  • Lose a few pounds, feel like crap, and give up because its too extreme


Why You Feel Terrible With These Detox Diets

If you’re drinking a crazy mixture of maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper every day you’re depriving your body of important nutrition and simply living off the sugar in this crazy drink.  Of course you’re gonna feel terrible.  Anyone who actually DRINKS cayenne pepper probably deserves to feel like crap.

Although this is an extreme example of a detox diet, there are many out there similar to the  master cleanse diet.  And they all give the same results: little to no weight loss and terrible side effects.

Well the reason they leave you feeling terrible is because they are all calorie and nutrient deficient.  It is possible to lose weight quickly, but you have to do it sensibly.

The Shakeology cleanse, or 3 day refresh,  is a great way to lose a little weight fast, jumpstart a new fitness program, or just reset your body’s health after a long weekend of bad food and drinks.  And the best part is that you won’t be left feeling like crap.  You’ll feel good, energetic, and happy  for accomplishing a small goal in a short amount of time.

Shakeology is Beachbody’s version of a protein shake or meal replacement, but unlike most of these supplements, Shakeology has all natural ingredients that give your body not just the right amount of calories, protein, and carbs, but the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

Shakeology Cleanse 2.0

Recently Beachbody rebranded what was previously called the Shakeology cleanse and transformed it into the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh.  And the changes are not just limited to the title of the cleanse.  Its become a more thorough, yet much easier process to follow than before.

With the old Shakeology cleanse you drank the supplement 3 times each day, drank 2 cups of green tea each day, ate one or two pieces of fruit each day, and finished with a healthy salad with protein rich grilled chicken.  The instructions were a little vague and I think Beachbody realized that they could create a better product with easy to follow instructions.

The 3 Day Refresh

Beachbody has done a great job “refreshing” the old 3 day Shakeology cleanse.  Each day you now drink only 1 packet of Shakeology, but you consume 3 new packets that enhance the cleanse or refresh.

Two of these packets are what they call Vanilla Fresh.  Beachbody says Vanilla fresh is a sweet, vanilla tasting protein powder with 20 grams of protein.  Similar to Shakeology, Vanilla Fresh contains good stuff like probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, but its designed to be taken with meals (especially vegetarian like meals with the refresh), rather than be a stand alone meal replacement like Shakeology.

The other new addition to the 3 Day Refresh is what they call the Fiber Sweep.  Its their blend of flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks to provide a dose of healthy omega-3-fats and over 13 grams of fiber to support digestion.  Speaking from experience, this drink thickens quickly with water so shake or mix well, than drink immediately.  Don’t let it sit for too long or it becomes almost unpalatable.

Here is the 3 Day Refresh broken down step-by-step…


Click on the image to enlarge


Breakfast: Shakeology and 1 piece of fruit

Tea Break: Unsweetend green or herbal tea

Late AM: Fiber Sweep drink


Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, one piece of fruit, one veggie, and one healthy fat

Snack: One veggie, one healthy fat

Tea Break: Unsweetend green or herbal tea


Dinner: Vanilla Fresh, one option from the dinner recipes list

Tea Break: Unsweetend herbal tea

Throughout the day drink plenty of water.

The Most Important Thing To Consider When Doing The 3 Day Refresh

Most people do detox diets, including the 3 day refresh for one of  3 reasons:  to lose weight quick, to “detoxify” after a period of heavy eating and drinking, or to “refresh” or “jumpstart” a new workout program or life routine.

In my opinion, the best use of any detox diet is to jumpstart a new lifestyle or fitness program.  After having done the refresh twice, I did lose weight, and I do feel like I “detoxified” my body to an extent, but most important, I felt a huge desire to jump into a new fitness program, which I decided to do after both times I did the refresh.

The reason a detox diet is so beneficial to jumpstarting a new lifestyle is because its simply practice.  If you want to begin a new lifestyle or fitness program you have to stay diciplined each day to not only your diet, but exercise  too.  By doing a 3 day regimented program, you essentially “practice” for the real lifestyle shortly to follow.  You’d be surprised at how motivating this really is.  After the 3 day refresh, you may feel some extra fatigue due to being calorie deficient, but you’ll be super motivated to continue the journey.

My 3 Day Refresh/Shakeology Cleanse Experience, Unfiltered

Each time I decided to do the refresh I had been going through the motions on my workouts, working out 2 or three days a week only, and losing slight control of my diet.  Therefore I decided to hit the reset and try the refresh.

The first time I lost 3.5 lbs.  The second time I lost 4 lbs.  Disclaimer:  The amount of weight you lose is highly contingent on your body type and discipline.  I have a thin frame at 6 feet tall and 160 lbs., so I CAN’T lose much weight, so I won’t, but someone who is 5 feet, 250 lbs. will likely lose more with the 3 day cleanse.  Also, if you stay disciplined for the three days and follow the instructions, you will a have more success.   Lose a little discipline, and sneak in some extra sugar or carbs and you won’t lose as much.

Some quick thoughts on the 3 days…

Shakeology drinks are always tasty.  No complaints there.

The Vanilla Fresh drinks were a little sweet but still good.  They are simply a protein powder supplement, not a true meal replacement like Shakeology, so you wont get quite the same amount of nutrition, but they’re very good nevertheless.

The Fiber Sweep drinks are a little difficult to get down because the consistency is a little thick, but otherwise they taste good.  Also, they’re fiber drinks for a reason, be prepared for the after-effects.

Expect to be a little tired each day simply due to the calorie restriction.  Shakeology, the Fiber Sweep, and Vanilla Fresh are intended to supplement your body with healthy calories, but ultimately they won’t give you the full calories you’re accustomed to.  However, it is a detox diet, so calorie restriction will help you lose weight, just be prepared to feel a little fatigued.

Enjoy and feel the motivation!   Like I wrote earlier, you’ll likely feel excited and motivated to keep up with a new lifestyle.  I encourage you to go for it and keep it going.  You laid the groundwork for a jumpstart to your life,  might as well keep it going.

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