Is Amazon Or Ebay The Best Way To Buy Shakeology?

Last Update: September 12 2016

By Brad Kopec…This will be your ultimate guide to purchasing Shakeology.  No lies, fully transparent, unbiased,  and honest.

There’s only two ways to buy this supplement and I’ll go over the pros and cons in detail.  There is a third method too, and significantly cheaper, but its a little different.  I’ll include a link at the bottom of this page to that.

I  absolutely love Amazon and Amazon Prime.  Over the past few weeks I have ordered many different things through Prime, waited a day or two, and received my purchase.  Sadly though, Shakeology is not one of them because Shakeology can only be sold through Beachbody or Beachbody affiliates.  Neither of them sell on Amazon.

What about Ebay?

A few years ago, a quick search for Shakeology on Ebay yielded little if anything interesting.  A few people were selling Shakeology, but the assumption is that these were all Beachbody coaches purchasing Shakeology on their Beachbody store for the buyer, and then having Beachbody deliver the package to the buyer.  The problem was most sellers on Ebay want (I would assume) to make a profit, and wound up selling Shakeology for $120 or more in order to break even.

However, now its a little different and much more competetive.  Shakeology Ebay sellers have become more aggressive with their pricing and this is great for people looking for a discount.  You can purchase Shakeology for as little as $87!  For a product that typically retails for $130, thats an unbelievable deal for you at the expense of the seller.

If you’re looking to buy an expensive supplement at a discount, then this is your best option.  If you’re looking to buy an expensive supplement that comes with fitness advice, weight loss advice, and emotional support in a journey towards a new lifestyle, keep reading…

The other alternative to buying Shakeology, other than Ebay  is directly through a Beachbody coach.  In fact, this is probably the best way to purchase this supplement.


Because a Beachbody coach has been there, done that.  Your coach has probably accomplished what you are trying to accomplish.  If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, chances are you’re Beachbody coach has already succeeded at doing this.  And chances are your coach has used Shakeology (quick note, if they havn’t succeeded with a Beachbody program, nor used Shakeology, get a new coach).

Click Here To Order Shakeology


 If you know this supplement can help you on your weight loss journey and you’re committed to using it, why not get the support of a Beachbody coach to guide you through this process?

What About A Discount?

In addition to the advice and support of your  coach, you can also receive a discount on Shakeology if you sign up as a Beachbody coach.

The retail price of  is $130, but you get a 25% discount as a coach and can purchase it for $98.  Not a bad deal, in fact its the best deal available anywhere.  You can’t buy  Shakeology at GNC, the Vitamin Shoppe, or Amazon, so getting it though Beachbody at this rate is a great option.  The only other option is purchasing it on eBay, but those prices start at around $87, and you obviously don’t get the guidance of a coach.



So here are 3 options to buying Shakeology through Beachbody itself, rather than Ebay…

1)Sign up for Shakeology autoship.  This is the most immediate, easiest way to get a discount.  Through autoship, Beachbody considers you a VIP and gives you a monthly discount of about $10.  All you have to do is sign up for autoship, you’ll be automatically billed each month, and automatically get your packet shipped to your front door every month.

2)Sign up for the Beachbody Club and receive a 10% discount on Shakeology every month.  Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount on all Beachbody products.   You’ll also get access to Beachbody On Demand, a new streaming video service that gives you access to all of their excellent workouts through your mobile device, iPad, Android, Roku, FireTV, and Chromecast.  There’s additional benefits to the club, but these two are the best and features you’ll use most often.

3)Become a Beachbody coach.  A BB coach is not an official fitness trainer,  but someone who either wants access to significant BB product discounts, or does want to actually “coach” other people and advise them on getting fit and changing their lifestyle based on their experience with BB products.  The discount you’ll receive on Shakeology is 25%.  However, as a coach, there is a $15 monthly fee, so your discount on Shakeology is about $16 or a total of $115 each month as opposed to $131 each month.


Added Bonus

Assuming you go ahead and become a Beachbody coach to receive the discount you’ll also get the added benefit of a discount on other Beachbody products.

When I became a coach I thought there was no way I would use that discount to purchase other Beachbody products.  I had been through p90x, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer, and even tried Chalean so why would I need any more Beachbody workouts or products?


As it turns out, I not only consistently went on to purchase Shakeology on a regular, monthly basis, but I’ve used my discount to get a few more Beachbody products too.  I bought  the Body Beast program at a good discount, a couple resistance bands, even a yoga mat.  You might be surprised at what you’ll use the discount for, so signing up as a coach to receive the discount just for Shakeology is a great place to start.  Also, you can sell your expertise and Beachbody products to receive commissions, but I’ll discuss that in more detail in a future post.

What To Do If You’re A Beginner, Looking To Get In Shape And Change Your Lifestyle

Since Shakeology is so expensive, if you’re starting out a new fitness program or lifestyle change and are questioning whether to spend the money on this stuff, here’s an easy answer…

Try it first, connect with a Beachbody coach, talk to them, and see what happens.  Even if you have to try a sample pack,  at a significant discount, its worth trying.  Try the supplement, get started with a new workout plan, and see what happens.  Communicate with your coach on a regular basis and engage them in the process.  You may soon see that this supplement is more than just protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.  Its about people, relationships, and success.  And that is the real benefit to Shakeology.

A lot of Beachbody coaches selling Shakeology, give a similar sales pitch that goes something like this…

For $130 you get a one bag which lasts a month.  That amounts to about $4 each day.  If you sign up for the autoship, which bills you automatically each month, you can save up to $14 each month and pay $3 each day for a 30 day supply.  Furthermore, they also will tell you that you need a large supply of fruits and vegetables each day to receive proper nutrition, but its virtually impossible to do this.  The simplicity of one drink of Shakeology solves this problem for you by giving you that balance of fruits and vegetables conveniently every day.

This is all true, and great!  However, I look at it like this…

The supplement costs $50.  The remaining $80 gets you into a community of people who love fitness and a healthy lifestyle, access to a new friend in a Beachbody coach who will guide you and give you all the support you need,  and the motivation to put your hard earned money to work by engaging in a lifestyle change.  For $130 or less, its a steal.  But, I also understand you may be hesitant to spend that money, so click the link below to try a sample at a huge discount.

Click Here To Order A Sample Pack

Again, if you’re convinced that this is the drink for you, go for it!  With the support of a great Beachbody coach you can buy Shakeology, lose weight, get in shape, and truly change your life.   However, I also understand the price can be a little too much for many people.  If that’s the case , check out Ebay for some good deals but also check out my page on alternatives to Shakeology.  This is what I consider the third option of buying the supplement.    Just click the link in the paragraph below.

Here are some great shake recipes that can help make it even better. In fact, for best results you should go on a shakeology diet and you’ll be able to lose a ton of weight, or, if you want a cheaper alternative to shakeology there are other options too.